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Thursday 4th March

World Book Day
Welcome to World Book Day! We hope you are as excited as we are about trying lots of different activities involving books. Take look at one of the stories we are thinking about today in the video link below.


There are a variety of book related activities that you can try at home or at school by clicking on the resources below. You can choose which activities you would like to do based on your interests and what resources you have available to you. 


You might like to try this activity first...Follow the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page to find a variety of videos about how to draw illustrations (pictures) from a professional Illustrator. You can choose what you would like to draw from the options on the website and use the instructional videos to draw characters from popular books and colour them in too. Enjoy! 

For even more videos on how to illustrate, click on the link below.


Next, you could choose one of the activities in this presentation. 



I can read and write words using the prefix -un


Let's learn about the prefix -un, have a look at the powerpoint below.

There are 4 activities please choose the one that is right for your child. They are explained on the last page of the powerpoint. 



Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The link below is to a motivational song that may be familiar to the children. We hope you enjoy listening to the uplifting message of the song.