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Thursday 3rd December

1. Listen again to the "One snowy night" story. Let's think about our personal, social and emotional development today with a focus on sharing.  


Percy the Park Keeper is a friendly, cheerful character and at the beginning of One Snowy Night we are told that he shares his lunch with the animals who live in the park. Then, when the snow falls, he even shares his home with them. He is kind and caring. Use the story as a basis to talk about sharing, what that means and how sharing makes us feel.

Here are some ideas or questions that you might want to use to start a discussion with your child. You know your child and which questions they are ready to tackle now and which can be left for another day:

  1. What does it mean to share?
  2. Who do we share our home with?
  3. Who do we share our toys/belongings with?
  4.  Is it easy to share?
  5. When do you find sharing hard?
  6. How do you feel when someone shares their toys/belongings with you?
  7. When you share your toys/belongings with someone do you think it makes them happy?
  8. Can you think of anything that makes it easier to share?
  9. What would the world be like if no-one wanted to share anything?