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Thursday 28th January

1. Watch the video clip below to find out some information about Pandas. Can you learn where they live? What they eat? What noises they make?

Panda Bear Facts for Kids - Giant Panda for Kids

2. Now that you have learned some facts about Pandas, now have a go at creating your own panda bear. Below are some pictures for inspiration. 
3. What sound does panda start with? That’s right, p. Watch the video below to see how to form the letter p correctly. Can you have a try at writing the letter p? You do not have to use a pencil and paper, you could use your finger to trace the letter in a tray of glitter, or use a stick to write it in mud. Grown ups choose the option that you think would most appeal to your child to motivate them to mark make.

Lowercase Alphabet Letter P Learn to Read and Write