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Thursday 22nd Oct


Literacy: Stories from familiar settings unit

Yesterday's lesson focused on writing your own adventure story. Today we are going to try to make our own front cover and blurb for the adventure story. Try to think about what the purpose of the front cover and a blurb are. Is the front cover eye-catching and interesting for the reader? Does the blurb tell the reader what the book theme is without telling them the entire story? 



Click on the link below to play buried treasure- a phonics game that requires you to read the words and decide whether the word is treasure (real words) or trash (nonsense words). 
Choose your phonics level phase 3 to 5. 

Phonics challenge 1:
Choose 10 of the common exception words from the Year 2 list and give yourself a spelling quiz with the help of an adult. The common exception words are words that don't follow the phonics rules. The resources section below has a list of the Year 2 common exception words. 


Phonics challenge 2:

Can you write down 3 words that contain the following sounds...
ai (for example, stain)

ay (for example, delay)

a-e (for example, brake)

What do these words have in common? What is different about these sets of words? 


Phonics challenge 3:

Finally, can you write 3 sentences using the words stain, delay and brake? 


Maths: place value unit 

Today is the last lesson in the place value unit. We have looked at terms such as: digits, tens, ones, hundreds and numerals as well as numerals in written form too. 
There are 3 learning tasks to complete; the warm up task, the fluency task and the prove it task are in the resources section below. 

Topic: Circus

We have learnt about circus through history during some of this half term. 

The circus era's we investigated were: the Kirkos (Circus Maximus), Circus' at the Hippodrome and the travelling Circus linked to the ideas of Joshua Purdy Brown and William Cameron Coupe.


Can you make a large mind map about what you have learnt about the circus? You could research these concepts online and draw on the knowledge and key words from the lessons too.