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Thursday 17th September

Objective: I can recognise and share my feelings about my experiences about fear.

Today the children are learning all how the Colour Monster feels when he is black. 


Begin by playing scary sounding music from YouTube. (start at 19:12- Dream vale).

As 'how does this music make you feel?'


Let’s watch funny bones, this is all about things that happen at night.


Now look at 'The Colour Monster' story  Recap on previous pages and read the pages about fear. 


Can the children make a jar/bottle to show fear e.g. black pom poms, glitter, black tissue paper,  sequins in water. Explain that there will be one of these in the classroom that they can shake or take to an adult if ever they are feeling scared.


Our activities for this morning are:

Can you write or draw your fears on paper.

Can you record your fears on paper this could be drawn or written. See 'My Fears Y1 or Y2 activity sheet.'


Can you help the Colour Monster to get out of the spooky forest?

Y1- Can you write the missing numbers on the stepping stones to show the Colour Monster how to get out of the spooky forest? (See Yr1 Missing number stepping stones activity sheet below)

Y2- Can you write the missing numbers on the hundred square so that the colour monster can step on every number to get out of the spooky forest? (See Yr2 Hundred Square activity sheet below)


Can you write your own funny bones story for the Colour Monster?

Using the picture prompts and your own ideas can you write a fnny bones style story. You can use the Y1 or Y2 picture prompts below to help you with your ideas or you can create your very own version. If you would like to write your story on funny bones paper then you can find this below. In school the adults will be helping the children with this activity so you might want to ask your adult to help you at home too. 


Can you build a dark, dark house for some new skeletons to move into?

Can you use any construction toys that you have at home to help you with this activity?



Can you watch this black and white pattern video and look at the patterns.



Our afternoon activity is:

Pattern art:

Can you use the ideas in the video and from the 'WAGOLL black and white pattern art' to create your own blank and white art pattern? You could ask an adult to draw some lines to help you to organise your dfferent patterns.


We hope that you enjoy today's activities!