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Thursday 28th

Welcome to Thursday


Literacy - Tuesday Writing

Use yesterday's plan to write your 4 paragraphs.

Try and uplevel your writing using sentence starters and adverbs for how the person is speaking!

Please look at the example in the resource section below.


Numeracy warmup for all click HERE

Year 3 - Numeracy - 

Divide with remainders - Click HERE for the video

You will need pen and paper for todays lesson.

Fancy some more? Find an extension task in the resource bank.


Year 4 - Numeracy -

Division with remainders - Click HERE for the video.

Please complete the worksheet below.

Extension - Divide 2-digits by 1-digit True or False in resource bank


Topic - Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy

Look at slides 6-12 of the PowerPoint presentation on Andy Goldsworthy. Once you have read through the information, using natural materials found in your garden, can you create a sculpture like Andy? Whatever you can find around your garden, use it if it works!


Educational extensions

Timestable Bowling Game


BBC Bitesize

Free Reading 


Daily outdoor learning challenge: Use chalk to draw a picture outside your house for everyone to enjoy or How many letters, words or numbers can you find on a walk?


Good luck and enjoy!