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Thursday 12th

1. Today we are going to think about positional language. Set up a small obstacle course for a toy character to go on (This could be The Gingerbread Man, the fox or any toy character that you have at home). Use positional language such as: next to, on, in, under, in front of, behind or on top of. 

  • You will need: A toy character and various things for the obstacle course - a chair, ball, box, cushion, bag etc
  • You give positional language instructions while your child holds the toy character and competes the obstacle course using your instructions. 
  •  Instructions for the toy character can include: sit on the chair, stand under the chair, walk around the ball, climb in the box, stand next to the cushion, stand behind the bag etc
  •  Repeat again using different instructions, or if your child would like, they could have a go at giving the instructions. 
2.  Why not do some exercises to make you strong so that you can run, just like the gingerbread man! You could even make your own obstacle course, commando crawling under the tables, bear walking up the stairs or even crab walking to the kitchen!
3. Listen (and join in with) the song about The 5 Gingerbread Men lying on a tray. Grown ups please be mindful of adverts on YouTube. Can you hold up the correct number of fingers each time one of the Gingerbread Men run away? 

5 Gingerbread Men Song