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Thursday 10th September


This week the children are settling back into school and learning where everything is in the classroom. Whilst settling back into the new routines and classes the children are doing lots of activities linked to our new class story 'The Dot'. 


Use the link here to listen to this story at home:


Today's activities are:

Create a dot picture.

Look at the 'Year 1 and 2 dot pattern' below. Can the children use toys, house hold items, clothing pilled into circles, large dots that they have coloured or any other items you can think of to recreate this picture. This could be a large scale art project on the floor or smaller scale on paper. 


Marble art.

Children to have a tray with plain paper and marbles. Blob different colours of paint at either side of the A4 paper – ask the children to predict what they think will happen? – Children to move the tray to create a marble picture. 


Who is my friend?

Draw and write a sentence about their friend. Who are they and why do they like to play with them? (Using the 'Year 1 or Year 2 writing Area Sheet' below.)


Colouring sheets

Can you colour in neatly? Can you stay in the lines? ('Use mindfulness colouring pages' below)