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At Homefields Primary School, we believe that teaching and learning in science should stimulate and excite children’s natural curiosity about the world around them. It is where children learn the vital life skills of enquiry, investigation, problem solving and reasoning. Science at Homefields is part of an imaginative, creative, engaging curriculum that fosters children's interest and enthusiasm.

We aim to:

· Ensure all children are actively engaged in our science lessons.

· Encourage children to ask questions and support them in finding the answers to these questions.

· Help children to apply their existing knowledge and make links between what they have learnt and what they are experiencing.

· Offer a hands-on approach as often as possible, both inside and outside the classroom, enabling the children to discover for themselves 

· Provide children with a variety of up to date resources to use within practical sessions.

· Use, and encourage the children to use, appropriate technical vocabulary.

· Make links between science and other areas of the curriculum, for example Maths, English and Computing.

· Foster an environment where children are happy to discuss their ideas and plans with their peers and the adults around them.

· Leave children wanting to find out more