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At Homefields have adopted the “Chris Quigley Essentials” curriculum based on the principal that children will develop a DEPTH of learning. The curriculum is carefully planned and sequenced, ensuring that all pupils develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in life. The Chris Quigley outlines the following threshold concepts: 


  • Try new things
    This concept involves appreciating the range of life opportunities.
  • Work hard
    This concept involves understanding the importance of effort.
  • Concentrate
    This concept involves understanding how to become focused.
  • Push oneself
    This concept involves understanding how to overcome doubts and insecurities.
  • Imagine
    This concept involves understanding how to apply knowledge inventively.
  • Improve
    This concept involves an appreciation that small improvements make big differences.
  • Understand others
    This concept involves an appreciation of others.
  • Not give up
    This concept involves the understanding of the importance of persistence.

At Homefields Primary School PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) underpins all of the teaching and learning across the school curriculum. We support the children to develop the skills they need to become healthy, confident and responsible citizens.


Each half term the children focus on a different theme. In Autumn 1, the children learn about New Beginnings. In the following half term we learn about Getting On and Falling Out. These topics help the pupils settle into their new class. In the Spring term, we cover Going for Goals and Good To Be Me which encourages the children to develop confidence and strive for success. In the last term, our themes are Relationships and Changes. We begin to think about the children's next transition by developing wider friendships and how to embrace change.


The PSHE taught at Homefields Primary School prepares the pupils for the opportunities, experience and responsibilities of adult life.



Miss Daley

PSHE Subject Leader

The Chris Quigley Essentials Characteristics for PSHE/ Citizenship