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Peer Mediators 2019-2020

Meet Our Well Being Buddies

The Results are in!

I am so proud to tell you all that we had ten applications for the "School Buddy Mentors". They were all beautifully written. Myself and Mrs Tomlinson, our Learning Mentor, read through them all and found choosing between them so difficult. Each child had written about their individual skills and attributes that would make them perfect for the job.


Some quotes from the application forms

"I have had a hard time before and felt I had no-one to talk to - when I did everything felt so much better, I want to help others who may feel like I did!"

"I would like to be someone that others could turn to.

"I like seeing other people laugh and smile."

"I am kind and caring and have a calming prescence."

"I am a good listener."

"I don't quit on things and I work hard - if I get this opportunity, I won't let you down!"


As you can see from the above quotes, to choose between the candidates was impossible. So we didn't choose! We invited them all!


First training session 06/03/20

What an amazing team! We have worked so hard today (as well as having lots of fun). The children's

knowledge of mental health was outstanding and they were able to show their skills of understanding and empathy to each other and to the subjects that we discussed. I am so proud of all the children. We are going to have the best team to help with mental health, social situations and friendship issues.

"We will be the start of other people's happiness!"

"We just complement each other. We build on each others ideas, like a game of scrabble!"

"It has been so nice to get to know each other properly. We are going to be a strong team to help others!"

Watch this space for the next instalment!



Application form for buddy/peer mentor