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The Gruffalo - Autumn 1


In our first half term, the children will be developing their art and geography skills and knowledge. In their art lessons, they will be learning about how to paint effectively using different types of paint brushes and different types of brush strokes. Our classes will be learning about primary and secondary colours by creating colour wheels. The children will use their knowledge of primary and secondary colours to create a painting of a character from the Gruffalo story. They will be using a range of media to create woodland themed artwork in the style of Keith Klabon, a notable artist. As we progress into our geography lessons, children will be developing their understanding of compass directions, types of maps and how to use maps. Once they have developed this knowledge, they will be creating their own woodland themed map based on the Forest School are and the Gruffalo story. As part of our enrichment, the children will be creating a map of our sensory garden using natural materials. They will also embark on outdoor learning during our Science lessons about minibeasts and microhabitats.