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Summer 1 - The Seaside

We begin this term with our 'Sense of Place Week'. The children will use their geographical and historical skills to learn more about the schools within Chellaston, why more schools are being built and placing them in Chronological order. They will research to find out what school life was like in the past and compare it with modern schools. Whilst out on a field trip to visit Chellaston Infant School, built in 1878, the children will compare the old school building with Homefields Primary School. 

The Seaside topic builds on their geography and art skills as the children investigate their local seasides, using maps to measure distance. Through geographical enquiry the children will research two seaside locations - Blackpool and Cancun, locate these on maps, research the locality and amenities available describing these locations using geographical vocabulary.  

During Art lessons the children will be learning to draw, looking closely at tone, texture and shape.