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Spring 2 - Microscopic Monsters

Microscopic Monsters - Skills and Knowledge for Parents

Amazing Facts About Micro-organisms

The word microorganism is made up of words, micro means tiny and organism means a living creature. They cannot be seen by the naked eye. Microorganisms are all around us such as bacteriaviruses, algae, fungi etc. Some of them are not harmful at all, they are beneficial to humans and the environment.

Quick Facts: –

  • All the bacteria in our body collectively weigh more than 4 pounds.
  • Microbes can make humans powerfully sick.
  • There are more bacteria in a person’s mouth than the entire population of the world.
  • There are around 1458 bacteria in your belly button.
  • Damp hands have more bacteria than dry hands.
  • New born babies do not have any bacteria on their body.
  • Mycoplasmas are the smallest known bacteria. They are so tiny that once they were thought to be viruses.
  • Microbes generate at least 50% of the oxygen we breathe.
  • Earwax has antimicrobial properties that reduce the feasibility of bacteria and fungus in the human ear.
  • Antoni van Leeuwenhoek was the first one to observe and study micro-organisms.
  • Micro-organisms recycle the huge masses of organic matter synthesized by plants as life on earth evolved.