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Online Safety

At Homefields, we recognise the importance of educating our children how to keep safe online. Therefore, we are following the "Education for a Connect World" framework. The framework is carefully planned and sequenced, ensuring that pupils have the knowledge and skills to keep safe online in a broad range of situations. It covers ages from 4-18 years, however at Homefields Primary School, we will only cover the content for ages  4-11 years.

The strands which the framework covers are:

  • Self-image and identity
  • Online relationships
  • Online reputation
  • Online bullying
  • Managing online information
  • Health, well-being and lifestyle
  • Privacy and security
  • Copyright and ownership

Each half-term, pupils will explore these strands in lessons, class discussions and assemblies. For more information about what your child will be learning about in each strand, please see the "Education for a Connected World" framework.