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Dora the Explorer - Spring 1

Welcome to Spring Term 1 at Homefields Nursery.

Please see below for what we will be learning about this half term. 

Dora the Explorer

We will start this half term with the Dora the Explorer topic. The children will go on an adventure and learn about a different country each week, starting with India,  Australia and the China. The children will use a globe and a map to find where these countries are in the world and will think about the similarities and differences between the countries. The children will learn about the flags of each country as well as the native animals, climate and famous landmarks. 

The children will be challenged to find out a fact about each country at home and create a picture/model to bring in to nursery to share with their friends. (A letter will be sent out nearer the time with details)

The children's artistic skills will be encouraged with a range of activities, from creating dot paintings inspired by Aboriginal artwork to creating a painting inspired by the artwork of the Indian artist Syed Haider Raza. The children will also be getting musical by exploring the sounds of instruments from around the world. 

Chinese New Year

During the week of 27th January, the children will be learning about Chinese New Year.  

The children will learn about the festival and why it is a special time for themselves or for some of their friends. 

During this day the children will create special red money envelopes and Chinese New Year cards. 

Learn about Chinese New Year with the link below. 

Down on the farm

During the last couple of weeks of this half term, we will also enjoy the Down on the farm topic. The children will learn about different farm animals and their uses. 

The children will take part in a range of learning experiences linked to the farm including, creating junk model tractors, creating repeating patterns with animals, creating a story map for the story Farmer Duck and  taking part in a "bare foot walk" to experience different textures and feelings.