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Autumn 1 - Forces

I Like to Move It, Move It! The Wonderful World of Forces

What are Forces and what is Motion?

Forces are the things that allow the movement of all objects around us. An example of a force is gravity, which keeps us grounded, and friction, which can either slow or encourage movement when two objects collide with each other through resistance (or lack of). The types of forces you will learn about are:

Gravity - keeping us grounded, gravity is the force that pulls objects downwards, towards the earth’s centre. This is why, when we drop things, they fall down to the floor.

Friction - the force between two things moving against each other, which can either slow down or speed up movement. For example, when we wear socks on a smooth floor, we can slide around as there’s less friction. When we wear socks on a carpet, there’s less friction and so we don’t slip.

You will also learn about water resistance, air resistance and surface resistance.

I Like To Move It (Original Video) Madagascar HD

I like to move it move it, Madagascar HD All rights reserved to Dreamworks. Video uploaded for kids to sing along. This video is original / Official packed with Madagascar original DVD. This is bonus video contents "I Like To Move It" song.

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Fun Facts About Forces
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