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At Homefields Primary School we love music as part of our creative curriculum. In Foundation Stage, children sing songs daily but you will also find them tapping rhythms and creating simple patterns. So if you walk into Foundation Stage 2 during their topic of Goldilocks and the Three Bears topic, you will be treated to the children hearing and tapping the beats to rhythm patterns.

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 teachers use the musical scheme of work "Music Express". However, teachers will compliment their teaching with creative music that fits with their topics. So if you popped into Year 1, you may see children writing music linked to the "Space Odyssey" whilst they are doing their topic of "Aliens love Underpants". Then walking up the corridor to Year 4 you may be treated to Tudor songs and then walking round the corner to Year 6 you may enjoy a choral rendition of "Hall of the Mountain King".

Children love taking part in our Key Stage performances throughout the year and enjoy singing to an audience. We also encourage the children to sing solos, duets and where possible play musical instruments during their performances.

We are so lucky at Homefields to have dedicated music tutors who come into school, so that our children are given the opportunity to learn tuned instruments. This ranges from keyboard to ukulele, flute to clarinet, as well as saxophone lessons.

Each year children can take part in "Homefields Has Talent" where the children can showcase their skills in singing, playing the piano or even bringing in their drum kit from home to wow the audience.


Mrs Rollerson

Music Coordinator