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Warm up 

Let's warm up our bodies and minds by counting and exercising from 100 back to 1

Count back from 100-1


Let's recap addition and ensure we've grasped the different methods for addition. 



click on this link to watch a fire

Can you close your eyes and imagine this is the roaring fire of London. Which words can you think of to describe what you can hear? What do you think it would feel like to be there? What would you be able to see? Collect all of these words together or alternatively look at the ideas on the downloads below. If there is a new word there take a moment to learn it ready to use it in your writing later this term. 


Let's be creative. 

I can think combine materials that are torn, glued and cut. I can sort and arrange these materials to create texture and a striking effect.

Can you use cellophanes, tissue paper, normal paper and crepe paper to collage your own fire scene. Let's look at how to overlap different materials to create flames to represent the great Fire of London.