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Monday 22nd February



Let's get warmed up mathematicians.


Sing along with the 'Big Number song' to get ready for today's math lesson.


Big Number Song


Now click on the ppt or pdf below to find out more about our maths work today or watch the video introduction below.




Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. Try the task below to practise your mindfulness. 



Shared reading 


Each day this week we will look at a couple of pages from the story  Charlie the firefighter. We will be using our VIPERS which are explained in the ppt to help us understand what the different questions are asking us. 



Today in English we are going to start our brand new unit all about information books. Today we will begin by finding more about what an information book is why. 

The extra book mentioned in the PowerPoint wouldn't upload as it was too large so please ignore this. 




Let's begin our new topic 'The Great Fire of London' Click on the ppt below to find out how to ask historical enquiry questions. 

Lesson introduction video link below.


Let's listen to a story together! Follow the link below.