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Monday 1st March

Owls and Robins Phonics Part 1

Owls and Robins Phonics Part 2

Write the following words on separate pieces of paper:

  • bus
  • get
  • the
  • off

Ask your grown up to hide the words around your house. Now go and see if you can find them. Once you have found all of the words, read each one and make a caption with them. Can you tell your grown up what the caption is about?


Now try doing the same with these words:

  • mud
  • in
  • pig

Woodpeckers and Hummingbirds Phonics


Today I would like you to master reading all the phase 3 tricky words by learning the tricky word song and playing tricky word trucks on phonics play! You could even make your own tricky word hunt around your house. 


Tricky Word Trucks - Phase 3

Username: jan21

Password: home

Maths - Introduction to doubling 

Can you work out how many spots are on each wing and then work out what the double will be.

Why don't you draw yourself a ladybird and then find some things from round the house to use as spots. Then you can add an amount to one side and put the same amount on the other. You have now made a double.

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

Superhero Flying (Peace Out: Guided Meditation for Kids) | Cosmic Kids

Find out 3 interesting facts about ladybirds!

Watch the videos below or do your own research to find out about ladybirds. If you wanted to, you could report what you have found out on video, creating your own documentary.  


CBeebies EXCLUSIVE clip - Minibeast Adventure - Ladybirds