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Monday 14th September

Objective: I can recognise and share my feelings about my experiences about happiness.

Show the children a poster of page 1 of the story (jumbled monster) on the PPT slide. The picture has been hidden behind different coloured squares. Who do you think this is and why have they coloured him these different colours? Can you tell me what you think about this character? 


Look at the front cover. On the front cover he is all green, with perfectly neat hair. – Let’s predict what the story will be about. Why do you think this? Can you tell me more?


Watch the Colour Monster story to the yellow page.


Let’s investigate yellow for the colour monster today. How does the colour yellow make you feel? – Show yellow pictures and items to the children.


Make a jar of yellow objects during carpet time – yellow pom poms, glitter, sequins in water. Sellotape the lid, label it as happy – Yellow. Leave this on the side ‘Feelings tray/Corner’



Draw or make a yellow sunbeam - What makes you happy? Write some ideas on each of the sunbeams. 


Counting - Can you find different objects to count around the home? (Counting teddies, counting cars, counting pasta)


Can you make anything else that is yellow? (e.g. Bumble bee, duck)