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Monday 11th January

1. Dora the Explorer has brought one of these (see picture below) in to nursery to show the children. Do you know what it is? When have you seen one?

It is a passport! We need a passport when we are going abroad. 

Today you can have a go at creating your own passport. You will need a piece of paper folded in half. On the front you can try to draw the picture (like the one on the photo below). 

Inside you can draw a picture of your own face and have a go at writing your name in it. 

Once this is done you are ready to go on your travels!

2. Now you can try to create a role play plane for you to go on your travels. This can be as simple or as creative as you like. It is a prop to support imaginative play. Maybe you could pretend to be the pilot flying the plane, or the steward(ess) looking after all the passengers or maybe you are a passenger going on your holidays. Grown ups you can support your child by introducing new vocabulary and checking they understand what it means (eg travel, runway, airport, steward(ess), passenger, luggage etc)

Look at the pictures below for ideas.