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Monday 1st

Welcome to Monday!


Spellings Year 3 - Homophones












Spellings Year 4 - Super










Handwriting with Miss Townsend  WATCH here


Literacy  Biographies

To help us to memories the text we're going to spend at least 20 minutes creating creative stepping stones to help us to memorise each section of our David Attenborough biography.

We need to include all the important details and fronted adverbials.

1. Watch this video of Mrs Cramp Walking through text 

2. Now let's try put down what we've learnt over the last week in a boxed up plan (see resources)

Look at the example in the resources to give you an idea how to lay it out. It's important you include dates, names of people and places, the fronted adverbials from the text (e.g. Unfortunately, Once graduated) and any key vocabulary (e.g. fascinated, Planet Earth, naturalist). Organise each section under the heading.  You don't have to write in sentences and can use a mixture of pictures, symbols and words. 

It will work as your story map for tomorrow's writing task.


Numeracy-   LIVE ZOOM LESSONS 10.30am

Year 3 - Miss Townsend

Friday we looked at multiplying by 3 today we are looking at dividing by 3.

Please make sure you have seen or have a copy of the worksheet in front of you for this lesson.

If you can't attend the Zoom session click HERE to watch the video.


Year 3 and 4 - Mr Jones - Unit and non-unit fractions

Today we are focusing on unit and non unit fractions, this will be a recap session for Year 4's as I would like to go over certain misconceptions that I found last week.

Could you please attend with counters, lego, cubes any item or objects that can be different colours. If you don't have any colours, you could make some salt dough!

Also, please have a copy of the 'Mr Jones - Fraction LIVE SESSION' sheet.

Once this is done, there are 2 extension sheets, please choose one 2 chilli or 3 chilli depending on how confident you were during the live session.


Year 4 - Mrs Cramp

Today we will be learning about equivalent fractions. Please print off a copy of the 2 worksheets in advance of the session or have the ability to see it on a screen. We will complete the worksheets during the session so please don't complete them before the session. There is an extension in the resources if you're still hungry for more after the session. 


Educational extensions



BBC Bitesize

Free Reading 


Topic - Science - Video from Dr Webster click here 

Challenge 1 - Create your storyboard for the aliens on how to grow plants. There are 6 separate boxes for you plan your video and what you are going to show when you talk about plants. Please look at the example below.

Information can be found here:

Challenge 2 - Record your own video that you have planned! What important information are you going to share with the aliens based on what you have learnt as Plants Vs People Limited so far?


Reading with Mr Jones!


Daily ChallengeFRENCH -  Numbers 1-20 -


Story Time: Kensuke's Kingdom 


Best of luck Year 3 and 4!