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Literacy - Dangle Lesson 2

Watch the Dangle video from Friday's lesson, then complete 'Chronological Order' sheet and put the statements in the correct order, watch the video multiple times to make sure you got the right answer!


Then, look at the 'Box it up plan 2' sheet, using your sheet from Friday, complete the sound effect box using adverbs. It would be brilliant if you could get 2 sound effects. For example, softly crunching snow or heavily breathing.


Then, it the 'My changes to the story' box, can you change what the man finds? In mine, he finds a huge purple button. It must be something that can be switched off and on. Also, change what happens when the man switches it. Could it rain chocolate then erase chocolate? Could insects start appearing from the ground? In mine, everything turns orange!


Numeracy - Subtraction Fluency and Reasoning

Using our knowledge from last week, complete the fluency and reasoning sheets, there is an extension if you are feeling brave!


E-safety - Ages of games and apps

What do you think the age restrictions are on apps and games that are popular with children? Time to be resourceful and responsible and find out!


First, have a guess of what you think the age restriction is and research what it is, then explain why you think the app or game has an age restriction.


Good luck!


Mr Jones

Dangle - Literacy

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