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Welcome to Monday!


Handwriting - See the resource down below


Literacy - Playscripts - Write your own playscript!

Using your amazing knowledge, you now have the ability to write your own playscript!


Character description: You will write a short character description of Henry VIII, Servant boy and Lady in Waiting. Be reflective and use fantastic adverbs to describe the character (we did the on Thursday!)


Introduction: You must answer 4 questions based on the scene; Who? What? Where? When?

Who is involved, what is happening, where is the scene and when did it happen.

For example: Around noon, Henry VIII was sitting impatiently on the edge of the grand dining table waiting for his delicious food.


Speech: Use the example on the picture below to understand what you may write, be as creative as possible! Use adverbs in your stage directions and extend your speech using conjunctions!


Numeracy - 2 digit by 1 digit divide - Problem Solving

Go through slides 23 - 37 using your division knowledge.


Chilli Challenge! - There are 3 worksheets, they go in order of 1, 2 or 3 chilli, followed by the answers at the end. Feel free to choose one of the worksheets.


Tudors - Henry's Children

Research information on Henry's Children ready to create your own information page for tomorrow! Answer the questions from  the sheet in the resource centre. Be resourceful and use the internet to help.


Good luck!


Mr Jones