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After the Governments announcement on 04/01/21 of a another countrywide Lock down, many of us are experiencing different feelings ranging from confusion, anger, frustration, anxiety and apathy, to name but a few.

These are all perfectly natural but can be frightening, especially for children. Your child maybe experiencing emotions and don't know why they are feeling this way. Remember, children feed off their parents emotions, so if you are feeling worried or anxious, they may be "picking up" on these emotions. It is important to be aware of and look after your own mental health too.


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Outside Agencies and Support

The journey so far

Dear Parents,

Just over a year ago, I took on the role as "Mental Health Lead", with the aim of raising the profile of 'Good Mental Health at Homefields' and becoming one of the first schools to achieve "The Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools".  We would join the 600 schools around the World to achieve this award and one of the first in the country! How could I refuse the challenge!


To begin with I was a little overwhelmed. Where do I start with such a huge subject as this? The mental health of staff, as teaching can be one of the most stressful jobs, with high levels of teachers round the country leaving or on long term sick. Without the teachers having high well being, we cannot provide for our children at the best of our abilities. Or do I focus on the children's well-being in school, after all they are why we are in this job? Or do I look at how to help parents with the issues of mental health and how to sign post them to ways of helping their children?


With all this in mind, I decided to leap in and tackle all at once. After all I was in for the long haul!

So here we are a year down the line and after sending out questionnaires to staff, children and parents I have made a start on raising the profile of mental health in school. We have now received our Bronze Award Status from Leeds Carnegie with all the work we have done in school. Please feel free to read the verification report that we were sent from the University and check out the website for things happening in school!


Thank you

Mrs Rollerson

Verification Report from Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health


The Emotionally Healthy Schools project is Derby Opportunity Area funded project created specifically to improve the mental and emotional health provision in Derby Schools.


Check out the website for loads of useful tips, tools, resources, information and links to useful External Agencies across Derby, Derbyshire and beyond -

Mental Health and Well Being Policy