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The journey so far

Four years ago we started our journey of learning what is mental health and wellbeing and why it is so important for the staff and for the children to understand how to have a positive and well mind. We also recognised that for many of us, at some time in our life we will need to recognise the signs of poor mental health and how to help ourselves and others.


It was important that we looked at mental health and wellbeing for both pupils and for staff. We began with the question of what is good mental health and how do you achieve this? At Homefields our learning attitudes help our children to have a positive outlook to their life long learning, equipping them with the skills of resilience, resourcefulness and respect which are so important to good mental health. Children are now taught explicitly about mental health and how the learning attitudes are positive tools that can effect their mental health.

Children are taught mindfulness in class, and have assemblies on how to achieve good mental health as well as learning about wellbeing and mental health through their PSHE, PE and Online safety.

We received the Bronze award for Mental Health from Leeds Carneigie University in 2020 and now have a mental health lead. We also have members of staff trained in Mental Health First Aid.

Staff use a tiered referral system in school for any children that they believe need support with their emotions. Classroom support is a crucial first step and staff work hard to ensure that children are supported with their emotions and wellbeing on a day to day basis. Our Learning Mentor is timetabled to see children with varying emotional needs. We are also very lucky that we have a children's councillor and an ELSA support worker that visits school weekly.

At the parents request, we set up this page on our school website to give support and advise to parents. We also add items on mental health and wellbeing to our weekly newsletter.


Mrs Rollerson and Mr Jones.




Verification Report from Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health


The Emotionally Healthy Schools project is Derby Opportunity Area funded project created specifically to improve the mental and emotional health provision in Derby Schools.


Check out the website for loads of useful tips, tools, resources, information and links to useful External Agencies across Derby, Derbyshire and beyond -

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