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Local Area Walk

After applying our Scientific knowledge to create reflective jackets for our Teddy Bears during our Autumn 2 Light and Dark topic, our class teddy bear set us a new adventure. Now that he was safe at night time he'd been exploring the local area and wanted us to do the same. Have a look at the letter and information he sent us. 

We looked at house types, street names and house numbers. Did you know that odd house numbers are on one side of the road and even are on the other? We talked about the things we like about our local area and the things we didn't like, many of the children said they did not like the rubbish on the floor and thought about how this problem could be solved. 


Whilst investigating the local shops and services the children thought about how an empty shop could be changed and what they feel the community would need there. They also looked at a plot of land near school and considered if it was developed what they would want it to be used for. There were many suggestions from swimming pools, to skateboard ramps but overwhelmingly many of the children wanted it to be left as a nature area with the addition of bug hotels, bird boxes and a pond for animals and wildlife. 


Our walk was a fantastic opportunity for the children to put their road safety knowledge from Autumn 2 into practise.