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At Homefields Primary School, our creative approach to the study of literacy develops the children’s abilities to listen, speak, read and write for a wide range of exciting purposes, including using language to learn and communicate their own ideas, views and feelings.


Our creative curriculum enables children to express themselves confidently and imaginatively, as they become enthusiastic and critical explorers of a wide range of genres: stories, poetry, letters and play-scripts, as well as a variety of non-fiction and media texts.


We use a systematic phonics approach for teaching early reading skills. Letters and Sounds is the core phonics scheme taught at Homefields and this is supplemented by Jolly Phonics in Foundation Stage. Pupils gain an understanding of how language works by studying word, sentence and whole text patterns, structures and origins. Grammar is taught through the exploration of good quality texts.


Pupils are encouraged to develop pride in the presentation of their own work by following a structured, progressive handwriting program. Writing success is celebrated through display, and certificate opportunities.


Literacy often sparks amazing topic work and other cross curricular activities. The children are encouraged to write for a wide range of purposes and audiences, throughout the key stages, in our cross-curricular approach to learning.


We have the most amazing well-stocked, ‘Enchanted Library’ to inspire a love of reading amongst all children. The children can read amongst the branches of a magically lit tree, sit on logs as they are lost in an exciting read or venture through a stone castle tunnel to a mysterious world.  



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Our inspiring Enchanting Library