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FS2 Mrs Rollerson, Miss Draper & Miss Jones

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2

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Meet the team

Summer 2 - Superheroes!


This half term's topic is Superheroes.

The children will be using mathematical skills that they have learnt over the year to solve problems including doubling, addition and subtraction to beat the infamous "Zort" who may have stolen Mrs Coleman's puppet 'Mike the Monkey'. Children will be writing wanted posters asking if anyone has seen the whereabouts of the the 'bad guy' Zort that they will be creating in their classes through the power of their imagination.

Parents save some large pop/ water bottles as the children will be turning themselves into superheroes and creating their own jet packs!

We will looking at healthy eating and keeping our bodies and minds healthy by doing superhero work outs and continuing with our daily mindfulness.