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Welcome to Friday

PE - Circuit Training!

Fitness is Fun! Create a fitness course in the house or garden. See how creative you can be! Complete star jumps, press ups, burpees, sprints, kick ups, skipping, hula hooping etc.


Literacy - Reading Comprehension

Please complete the reading comprehension focusing on retrieval and inference skills from a picture!


Literacy - Dilemma Lesson 1

What is a dilemma?

Have you ever been in a dilemma?

Maybe you had a dilemma on what to wear this morning, or what you are going to do at the weekend.


Load up the 'Dangle Prediction Sheet' and the 'Dangle' video. 


Pause the video at 2:00 and complete the prediction sheet.


Then think of 5 examples for each box in the description sheet whilst watching the video.


Art - How to Draw!

Choose a video tutorial in how to draw from the ArtFroKids YouTube channel! -

I look forward to see what you create!


Feel like working on your times tables? Go on TTRockstars!


Take care and enjoy,

Mr Jones



Dangle - Literacy

Still image for this video