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Friday 9th July


Ask the children to choose at least 3 different sounds that they would like to practise. You can scroll left or right to look for more sounds. 


Todays mindfulness is about mindful listening which really helps to focus our busy brains on one thing. 


In ICT we have been learning about coding and last week the children learnt how to write the code to programme a BeeBot to move to different spaces on a grid. This week the children have been set a '2 do' on Purple Mash called Turtle. The children should work through as many of the different challenges as they want to. The have short videos to help the children to learn the different instructions you can give.


To find the '2do' the children should:

1. Log into Purple Mash.

2. Select '2 do' which is the red logo near the top left.

3. Scroll through the list until they find the one called Turtle.

Golden time

Choose something that you enioy doing for the last part of our day which is Golden Time.


Happy Friday everyone!