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Friday 24th July

Friday 24th July


Year 1

Throw yourself an end of year (socially distanced) party !

This could include activities such as:

  • Celebrating the success of the year by taking a moment to reflect upon what you have achieved inside and outside of school e.g. completing spelling quizzes, tackling tricky words or getting a swimming certificate etc. 
  • Playing musical statues, musical chairs or musical bumps with your family. 
  • Playing with your favourite toys.
  • Watching your favourite film. 
  • Baking or cooking up some treat foods.


Year 2


A Jar of Dreams

When we end a year we usually like to talk to the children about their hopes and dreams for the future. This is a magical thing that is lovely to do, so we would like to give you all the opportunity to experience this beautiful discussion at home instead and then hopefully share it with the teachers too.

So, for this activity we would like you to think about the things you would like to happen when you get a little bit older. These are your hopes and dreams. This could be dreams for Year 3, dreams for when you are a few years older or dreams for when you are much, much older. You can have a couple of dreams or lots of them. You might have dreams that involve other people too e.g. going to the seaside with your family.

To share your dreams, we would like you to create a jar of dreams. This can be written on paper, made with a jar or created out of something that you have chosen-this could even be made on the computer. For each dream you could write it down and add it to the jar (on paper or into your created jar) or you could choose something the represents your dream for example if you want to go to the seaside then you could add sand to your jar (you can be as creative as you want with these ideas). Don’t forget to decorate your jar too so that it represents you. We would love to see your finished jars and hear about your hopes and dreams. Have fun!

You can find pictures of dream jars to help you in the resources as well as a template and editable version too.



This week we are going to practise spelling the Year 2 common exception words.



  • Try spelling common exception words and other tricky words in this spelling game:


Computer time - 

Why not revisit some of your favourite activities this term.

  • White Rose Maths,
  • Oak National academy lessons,
  • BBC bitesize Daily lessons
  • phonics play activities,
  • Oxford Owl reading


Well wished for the end of the day:

The teachers would also like to say a huge well done for being so resilient and responsible when you haven’t been able to come to school like you normally would. We are so proud of you all! Thank you for being such super Year 2’s. We are going to miss you all so much but we hope that you have a lovely break over the summer. Remember to keep looking after each other and to stay safe. We can’t wait to see you all again when school can reopen its doors once again.