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Friday 26th February


Today our English lesson will be our Zoom quiz. We will share with you the description of a feature used in an information book and you have to guess which feature it is.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Good luck!


In Key Stage One phonics is taught in phonics groups rather than classes. The phonics groups each work at a different ability level, therefore there are different phonics videos for each group. Your child will know who their phonics teacher is, but if you need clarification please message your child's class teacher on class dojo for confirmation. 

Please see the links below.


Miss Daley's phonics group 26.2.21

Today we are going to try some activities from phonics play with our phonics video session to recap.

Let's start with a warm up task to review the sounds we already know in words. 

Phonics play log in information

Username: jan21

Password: home
Please select phase 5 and then select revise all phase 5. 

Task 1:

Let's review our tricky words by using the game below. Please select "Phase 5 All HFW" to begin the task.


Task 2,3 and 4


Mrs Bull's phonics group video 26.2.21

W and Wh words video link:

Mrs Naylor's phonics group 26.2.21



Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing.

Well done! It is the end of the week and congratulations for all that you have achieved. 


R.E (Religious Education)

This half term we will be focusing on Creation Stories. 

Today we will be learning about the story of Creation that Christians believe. 


Task 1:

Creation stories are stories about how the Earth and life on it began. Each religion has it's own Creation Story. Let's look at some information about the Christian Creation Story.

Task 2:

Now that you have read the Christian Creation Story, can you try to sequence the story pictures below into the correct order (they will need to be jumbled up first if you are printing them out). If you're not able to print out the pictures, can you use the information from the PowerPoint to create your own Christian Creation Story mini book. Please choose the level of mini book you want to create according to your child's ability. 


Task 3:

Can you discuss what you would do if your friend believed in a different Creation Story to you?


P.E (Physical Education)


As the weather begins to get colder we have decided to begin our yoga PE lessons. Today we would like you to try the yoga poses in this cosmic yoga video. We hope you enjoy your yoga lesson.


Coco the butterfly yoga session: