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Friday 5th March



In Key Stage One phonics is taught in phonics groups rather than classes. The phonics groups each work at a different ability level, therefore there are different phonics videos for each group. Your child will know who their phonics teacher is, but if you need clarification please message your child's class teacher on class dojo for confirmation. 

Please see the links below.

Miss Daley's phonics group 5.3.21

Mrs Bull's phonics group video 5.3.21

Year 1-2 Common exception words

Tricky words

Mrs Naylor's phonics group video 5.3.21




Today's handwriting task is outlined in videos which can be found via the link below. Today we are recapping lowercase and uppercase letter formation in preparation for the return to full school opening next week.

The resources needed to support the handwriting task are below. 


R.E (Religious Education)

This half term we will be focusing on Creation Stories. 

Today we will be learning about the story of Creation that Hindus believe. 


Task 1:

Creation stories are stories about how the Earth and life on it began. Each religion has it's own Creation Story. Let's watch a video about the Hindu Creation Story.


Task 2:

Now that you have heard the Hindu Creation Story, can you use the word mat below to write down what happens in the story in the correct order. You could use the storyboard template below to structure your Hindu Creation Story.



Task 3:

For our last task, you can choose between the Hindu Creation Story wordsearch or colouring in the symbolic lotus flower from the Hindu Creation Story. 



Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The link below is to a motivational song that may be familiar to the children. We hope you enjoy listening to the uplifting message of the song.

P.E (Physical Education)


As the weather begins to get colder we have decided to begin our yoga PE lessons. Today we would like you to try the yoga poses in this cosmic yoga video. We hope you enjoy your yoga lesson. 

The Wizard of Oz Yoga Session:


Live Zoom Session


We cannot wait to see what the children have been achieving at home. So choose something you would like to share from your week and bring it to our Zoom meeting. 

The zoom meeting details will be shared with you on our class dojo page with our 'Live Show and Tell Rules'.