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Friday 4.2.22

Good Morning Year 4!

Mrs Reynolds and I are sending you big hugs and have tried to plan a fun and varied day for you all.

Friday 4th February 2022

Get Moving!

Go Noodle 1 "Banana, Banana, Meatball"

Kidz Bop Dance 25 minutes of dancing

or Get Joe Wicks Active Spider Man PE with Joe

The inter school TTRS battle starts today and runs 7am - 7pm for the next week. You can only play for a maximum of 1 hour a day, so it's up to you if you do your practise all in one go or dip into it throughout the day. Best of Luck! Can Homefields win???
ERIC TIMEFind somewhere comfy and cosy and ready your book. Aim to read more than a chapter so you can tick off one square at the back of your reading record :)
HomeworkIf you haven't already, complete the Oliver Twist Playscript reading comprehension in your homework folder. Try to answer in full sentences please not starting with 'because'. If you have an adult available, you can also do the times tables battle ships game. 
Completed your homework?Chinese New Year Reading Comprehension - see documents below.
HELP!Can you prepare lunch for everyone in your house? Make sandwiches? Lay the table and sort everyone a drink? Upload a photograph to your Portfolio. 
Purple Mash

On Purple Mash you will find you have been set a number of 2Dos. Your password is on your homework folder. 

1. Numeracy Work - focusing on Multiplication and division. Don't be afraid to make notes if you need to.

2. ICT - can you practise those sorting skills in another database? Complete the quizzes.

3. Number bonds - shoot the bubbles to improve your mental maths

Still want a challenge?Chinese New Year Maths Mystery to complete - see the documents folder below

Art - remember your work on Arcimboldo? Well have a look at this 

Watch this video Can you create a portrait that is two paintings in one?

Will you use summer fruits? Autumn fruits? Vegetables or perhaps a mixture?

Sketch in pencil then either paint, pastel or crayon your creation. We'd love to see photographs on your portfolio. 

HistoryStill need more??!! Why not make a mini project all about Tudor Towns using the powerpoint in this link as your inspiration? 
Golden Time

Now it's time to let loose and do something you love (without a screen)

1. Build with Lego

2. Mindfulness colouring or drawing

3. Play a board game or beat someone at Uno

4. Got an old cardboard box you can turn into something wonderful?

5. Play in the garden 

6. Practise a musical instrument


Well done everyone! You made it! Can't wait to see you on Monday for Weaving Day!