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Friday 6th January



Can you add two 3-digit numbers and exchange? Please watch the video and complete the worksheet in the document library.


Literacy - Reading Comprehension

Please complete the Fossils reading comprehension, answers will be posted at the end of the day.


Art – Can you sketch a fossil to make it look 3D?

On Tuesday we had a go at still life drawing and yesterday we looked at fossils and attempted to sketch some.

Today, we’re going to try to combine those skills and create a proportional fossil drawing using light and dark shading.

If you have any fossils or shells at home you might like to try to sketch these.

Watch this video for ideas:

You may also like this one

Now have a go at sketching your own. You can use pictures from Thursday’s lessons to help.

Can you evaluate your art work? How successful has your masterpiece been? Does it look realistic? Does it look 3D? Is the shading clear?



Can you hear in a piece of music when the dynamics change?