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Friday 26th

Welcome to Friday

Spellings – Year 3 (Homophones)













Spellings – Year 4 (Double Letters)









Are you ready for a spelling test? Ask your grown up or older sibling to test you on your spellings learnt this week.


Literacy –

Warm up with Online SPAG activity Click here

Finish the story and make it more exciting by adding in adverbs etc


Task 1: Can you spot the mistakes in Mo Farah's Biography?

Can you think of any life events that may or may not be included in a biographical text use example biography text to help you.

Task 2: Yesterday your challenge was to remember a much of the David Attenborough biography as you can.

Today we are going to say it and add actions click below for the videos.

Beginning to learn video         Learning the Introduction video

Early life of David Attenborough video    Personal Life Video

Television Career video              His personal achievements

Can you do it with someone at home and then do it independently? Repetition is key, the more you practice the more it will stick. 

Can you accept the challenge of saying it and remembering sections? How much can you remember?  Visiting each video a few times today and the rest of the week will really help you to 'hold' it in your memory. Don't forget you can use the text and/or picture map to remind you as you go!



Year 3 - Multiply by 3

Click HERE for the video

Complete worksheet below



Year 4 - Count in tenths

Watch the WRM Vimeo lesson HERE

1. Complete the WRM worksheet

2. Now try the Classroom secrets verbal fluency and reasoning activity 

Extension: Finding fractions of amounts with NOA lesson HERE



Can you evaluate a website to workout if it is reliable or not?

Mrs Coleman has decided to build a swimming pool in the playground I overheard someone talking about it on the playground yesterday, so it must be true, right? or maybe I misheard?

It is easy to mistake something that isn’t true for something that is - Watch this BBC teach video to learn more.

We shouldn't always believe everything we read, see or hear on the internet.

So how do we know if a website is reliable? Work through the Research Skill Powerpoint and complete the tasks.

You can also use The 5W's of website evaluation to help


French - Fruits - YouTube Fruits Video

Go through the video an practice how to pronounce the fruits 3 times before you move onto the next one.

Some of the words are similar in French and English which will help you remember what the word in French is.

Once you are confident, complete the matching cards and both colouring worksheets below. There is a vocabulary sheet below to help.


Daily Challenge - Makaton session with Mrs Cramp click here


Reading with Mrs Burke


Finished your work but would still like something educational?

Purple Mash

Draw with Rob

Cooking with Buddy Oliver


Good luck and enjoy! It's almost the weekend!!

The Year 3 and 4 team