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Friday 18th September

Objective: I can recognise and share my feelings and experiences about feeling calm.

Today the children are learning all how the Colour Monster feels when he is green. 


Begin by going outside to collect a green leaf to place on your tummy and watch the leaf move for mindfulness breathing with calming music from YouTube 


Now look at 'The Colour Monster' story  Recap on previous pages and read the pages about calm.   


Can you make a jar/bottle to show calm e.g. green pom poms, glitter, green tissue paper,  sequins in water. Explain that there will be one of these in the classroom that they can shake or take to an adult if ever they are feeling calm or of they want to feel calm.


Our activities for today are:

Nature face collages.

Can you go outside and collect items from nature e.g. leaves, twigs, pinecones and then use these to make face collages. (See WAGOLL making face picture using items from natures below).


Counting and patterns.

Y1- Can you make the caterpillar the correct number of finger prints or drawn dots long by looking carefully at the number before the caterpillars face? (See Y1 caterpillar counting below)

Y2- Can you identify what counting pattern is used on each caterpillar and write in the missing numbers e.g. counting in 5's (See Y2 counting on caterpillars below).


Frog craft

Can you make a green frog? (See WAGOLL frog craft below for a picture).


Writing Similes

Can you try to write or complete similes for the colour green.

As green as…

Y1- Can you use the writing frame below to help you?

Y2- Can you try to write the whole simile with an adult helping you?