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Friday 16.7.21


Today the children would have been learning about using a balancing scale to compare mass and weight. So, if they would like to take part in home learning today, there are 2 short videos to watch, followed by some activities. 

For the know it activity, the children would have been using balancing scales to measure the mass of an object. If you are feeling creative the children could try making their own using a coat hanger. Look at the pictures below for ideas or read the instructions in the resources.(it says use an ice cream cup but any 2 cups would work if you can make a hole in them e.g. party cups or even 2 buckets that are the same).  The children can spend as long as they want to testing out their scales and measuring or comparing the mass of things that they can fit in. 

If you would prefer to skip to the prove it and use it jobs then please do. 


For phonics today they children can practise reading words in the phase that they are learning in phonics. They can choose which sounds that they would like to focus on.

Mrs Heald- Phase 3

Mrs Naylor- Phase 5

Mrs Bull and Miss Daley- Phase 6



Our topic for this half term is…changes! Explain to the children that there are some changes that will be happening in September and ask them 'do you know what these will be?' Talk about their new teacher, classroom, friends in their class and any others they mention.


Tell the children abut some of the different changes which have happened this year in school.

· Mrs Wainwright had a baby.

  Mrs Coleman had a 50th birthday.


Ask the children to think about whether there have there been any changes out of school? E.g. new clubs, new houses, new family members, new friends…. Tell the children that we sometimes feel nervous, worried, and anxious about changes. Explain that in school there are always people to help you with those feelings including their teacher, teaching assistants, dinner lady, any other teachers and teaching assistants, Mrs Coleman, Mrs Rollerson, Mrs Burke, Mrs Tomlinson and anyone they see in school. Its always good to share a worry with them so that they can help. 


For the activity can the children draw and write about 3 changes that have happened in their lives this year and how it made them feel? These could even be changes in their learnring such as neater handwriting or counting to 100. 

Golden time

Today we have golden time so please enjoy an activity of your choice at home.