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Friday 11th September

Welcome to Friday!

We are continuing with our dot themed work today. In the classroom the children will be learning each other’s names, recapping on our SAFE and Golden Rules as well as practising being patient.

If you would like to recap on the dot story then please use this link.

You could talk about how Vashti developed patience and resilience as she became an artist.


Today’s activities are:

I can make a prediction.

Children to colour in filter paper with felt tips (you could use a sheet of kitchen roll at home) using different patterns linked to the dot story.

What do you think will happen when we add water to this filter paper? Introduce that guessing what will happen has a scientific name ‘prediction’. When we make a prediction we use our knowledge about materials to help us. So, what do we know about water and paper already? Use the language absorbent and show the children what happens with toilet roll gets wet by splashing water onto it.

Let’s investigate to see if our predictions are correct.

Lay their filter paper (kitchen roll) onto a flat surface and pipette/spray some water onto the top.

What has happened to the colours? Was your prediction correct?


I can use my phonic knowledge to play games.

Use the free log in details Username: march20 Password: home

Select phase 2, 3, 4, or 5.


Year 1- I can read numbers to 10 and colour them the correct colour.

Colour by number activity (See ‘Colour by number to 10’ below).


Year 2- I can add two numbers together to make a total.

Adding Elmer colouring (See Elmer Addition and Subtraction to 10/20 Year 2’ below).


I like this story because….

Children to draw their favourite part of the book and say why they liked it. (See ‘Y1 or Y2 Writing Area Sheet’ below)


I can create different patterns 

 Give the children a small white circle which they colour with patterns, Use a stick through the middle to create a colour spinner (See ’Templates for spinners’ below).


Gym challenges- These will take place in the role play area in the classroom.

How many squats, press ups, star jumps, knee taps, jumps side to side, can you do in 30 seconds?  Children to write the name how many they can do.