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Disney Day

Throughout this term Barnaby Bear (a friend of our class bear) has been sending us postcards from throughout the UK asking us to investigate places. We've been describing human and physical features, investigating landmarks, weather and culture. 


We then had a very exciting postcard arrive which invited us to travel to France for the day. We hopped onto the Euro Tunnel and made our way to Paris. Whilst we were there, we enjoyed French food in a cafe, we visited the Tourist Information Office to find out more about local attractions and had a go at the tricky 'build an Eiffel Tower challenge' out of marshmallows and spaghetti (we definitely needed our Reciprocal and Reflective skills for this challenge)  Finally we made it to Disney Land where the children had a go on a Runaway Mine Train, Log Flume and spinning Teacups. We were exhausted so settled down to watch the Disney parade and fireworks before travelling back on the Euro Tunnel to school. 


The children were amazing and their ability to imagine was a pleasure to be part of.