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At Homefields Primary School we aim to develop, in each child, an enjoyment of art, creative and technical skills. Children use different tools and materials in a variety of ways to express their ideas and develop manipulative skills and techniques. They explore the work of different artists, adopting their styles and putting their personal stamp on the famous works. The children's work is displayed and appreciated throughout the school.


From exploring texture using paint mixed with sand in Foundation Stage 2 and mixing colours to produce Kandinsky circles in Year 1 and 2; all  the way to recreating sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy in Year 3 and 4 and investigating the design and art used in the real world in Year 5 and 6... The children experience an abundance of art and design.


One of our favourite weeks in the school year is MADD (music, art, dance and drama) week, in which the children have the opportunity to delve into their creative side. Each year a new theme is selected. This could be anything from, 'The Wizard of Oz', in which the children have been able to follow their very own yellow brick road, to 'The Lion King' filling the corridors with near to life size animals.


Miss Draper

Art and Design Coordinator