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Aliens Love Underpants

Summer 2



We cannot wait to begin our new topic this term and to become scientists.


As well as learning the story Aliens Love Underpants and using it to inspire our own creations the children will be trying to explain the world to the visiting aliens. The aliens would like to find out more about animals following on from our topic 'Rumble in the Jungle', they'd like to know what animals eat so we'll investigate animal diets and food chains. They would also like to know what animals need to survive, how animals change as they grow up and how they are suited to different habitats or microhabitats. After learning that humans are in fact mammals the aliens would like to know more about us and our different senses.

Once we have explained all about animals thoroughly we will then be teaching them about plants; the names of common plants, bulbs and seeds and what plants need to grow. Hopefully we will have answered all of their questions and we can celebrate during healthy living week with our very own Aliens Love Underpants Sports Races.