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6th-12th February 2023 - Children's Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week 2022

7th-13th February

This years theme is "Growing Together".

We will be encouraging children to think of how they have grown and what they can do to help others grow. To grow emotionally can have challenges and setbacks but these are ultimately what makes us a stronger person and to help us move beyond our comfort zone. We will be thinking with the children how the have changed and the things that have made them stronger.

We will keep you posted nearer to the date of the fun things we will be doing at home and in school.


Have a look below at the fun things we got up to in last years Children's Mental Health Week.

Children's Mental Health Week

1st to the 7th February 2021

The National Statistics show that 1 in 8 children and young people suffer with a  mental health issues. Often at a younger age children find it difficult to understand and explain how they are feeling.


At Homefields we are dedicated to supporting the well being of our children by ensuring that they know they have someone to talk to. During Children's Mental Health week we will be working with our children in the classrooms and in assemblies to promote, The 5 ways to Good Mental Health.


Our main message will be "Express your self," where children and staff talk about the things they have learnt to do or enjoy doing that helps them unwind and feel good. Also how sharing our worries and emotions and asking for help can help us mentally. 


How did it all go in school?

This week staff have worked with the children in their classes and in assemblies on the theme of "Expressing your self!" We have talked as a staff and were amazed at the knowledge and understanding our children have on mental health issues across the school. Their ability to verbalise their understanding of mental health issues and their empathy and compassion were just incredible. Parents -  you should be very proud of your little people - we most definitely are!

Express your self - some of the pictures that were sent in this year!