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Year 6 - Mrs J Smith

Welcome to Year 6!

Meet the team.


Mrs Hill   - Teaching Assistant          Mrs Smith- Teacher


     In the first half of the spring term, we will all be boarding the Titanic. Our investigation will include using sources of evidence to look at why people were on the Titanic; what life was like for passengers; who had the greatest chance of survival; whether its maiden voyage should have taken place when it did; why so few crew and passengers were saved and who was to blame for it sinking. As part of this work we will be watching parts of the film Titanic as well as having a Titanic dress up day towards the end of the topic.

    We will continue to work hard and have fun! Please make sure your child completes homework, reads to develop enjoyment, speed and stamina as well as attending any early morning sessi0ons that they have been asked to. 

Harry Potter fun!

Harry Potter fun! 1

Fun with forces! Resilience and team work required!

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