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Year 6 - Mrs J Smith

In the spring term we will be learning about the Titanic! Each week we will be investigating a key question to develop our historical skills and knowledge. We will investigate why people were travelling on Titanic;what it was like to travel in first and third classes; who had the greatest chance of survival; why so few lifeboats were fitted; whether the maiden voyage should have taken place when it did and whether the sinking should be regarded as a crime. As part of our work we will be watching parts of the fim:Titanic and reading Spirit of the Titanic by Nicola Pierce. We will also be basing some of our Literacy work around our topic, as well as  using our mathematical and ICT skills  in our work.The topic will culminate in a Titanic day where children will dress in costume to showcase their learning. 


Please continue to support your children with homework and reading, as well as ensuring they attend early morning boosters as required. This is an important term in the Y6 calendar and they will continue to thrive with our support.

Mrs J Smith

Meet the team! Mrs Tomlinson, Mrs Hill and Mrs Smith

Meet the team!  Mrs Tomlinson, Mrs Hill and Mrs Smith 1

Investigating gyrocopters

Working as a team to build a pyramid of cups

Meet the new gang!

Meet the new gang! 1

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