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Year 5 - Miss C Langworthy

Meet the team!Mrs Muir, Mrs Jones and Miss Langworthy

Meet the team!Mrs Muir, Mrs Jones and Miss Langworthy 1



Welcome to Year 5

In the second-half  of spring term we will be learning about the Microbes! We will be finding out about the different types; the ways in which they can be harmful or beneficial; what makes food go mouldy; kitchen hygiene; food preservation and decay. Be prepared for your hygiene practices to be scrutinised. Our work will culminate in a Homefields Bake Off in which children will design and make their own bread products.


After the half-term break, we shall be studying 'Clockwork' by Philip Pullman. This novel is an excellent example of a narrative that uses suspense and atmosphere to great effect. Children will be extending their descriptive writing and story-telling writing skills in literacy lessons. It would be really helpful is each child could have a copy of this book to use in school.


Please continue to support your children with homework and reading, as well as ensuring they attend any early morning boosters as required. Thankyou for your continued support.

Mr S Harrison


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