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Year 4 - Mrs K Burke

Welcome to our Year 4 team

                                                    Mrs Jones        Mrs Burke      Mrs Brentnall

Welcome to our wonderful Year 4 class.


Where has the year gone to?

I can’t believe we are into the final term.


My fantastic class made me unbelievably proud of them with their performance at 'The Celebration of Dance’ at the Riverside in Derby. It was a wonderful event and they did an amazing job. Well done everyone.


I am again very proud of all their achievements and the fantastic progress they have all made this half term. I am a very lucky teacher to have such enthusiastic learners.

We all had a great time preparing for the Shrek 5 launch party. The party was a great success and all the guests looked amazing in their Super Hero costumes. (I think learning about solids, liquids and gases with the help of a chocolate fountain was a winner! Ask the children about our catchy 'Thermal Insulator' dance and song too!!)


We will be starting our fifth topic after Easter called:

'Around the world in 80 days’

We will be flying in our hot air balloon to different countries. We will learn about the countries that we land in and be using an atlas and the internet to carry out research.

Our literacy and art will also be linked to the topic, where we will be getting creative writing stories from other cultures, information leaflets and delving into art from around the world.

We will end the topic with our whole school MADD week were we will be going on another journey and performing our Year 3 and 4 performance of 'The Button Box' There will be more information to follow.

It is going to be another great exciting topic! We are all very excited!


Thank you.

Mrs Burke