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Year 3 & 4 - Mrs K Wainwright

Welcome to our Year 3 and 4 team

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Welcome to our wonderful Year 3 and 4 class.

Where has the year gone to?

I can’t believe we are into the final half term with my amazing class!


My fantastic class made me unbelievably proud of them with their performance of ‘The Button Box’. It was a massive production performed by all 90 children for Year 3 and 4 but I think you’ll all agree that they did an amazing job, with only two weeks to practise on the stage!

Well done everyone.

I am again very proud of all their achievements and the fantastic progress they have all made this half term. I am a very lucky teacher to have such enthusiastic learners.



We have successfully flown our hot air balloon to different countries, including, France, South Africa, Brazil and Australia. The children have all learnt a lot about the countries we have visited and have astounded me with their research skills and wonderful creativity in presenting their findings.

Well done everyone.



We will be starting our final topic after the half term holiday called:

'Whose Mummy is it?’

We will be researching life in Ancient Egyptian times, focussing on the pyramids, gods and mummification. The children will have first- hand experience of becoming an archaeologist when we go on our dig!!!

Our literacy will also be linked to our topic, when we write factual reports, diaries and newspaper reports.

It is going to be another great thrilling topic! We are all very excited!


Can I take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you have given your child this year. They truly are an inspirational class and I am extremely proud of the amazing progress and improved confidence of each child.

Thank you.


Mrs Wainwright