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Year 2 - Mrs A Naylor

Welcome to Year 2


Miss Pritchard- Student Teacher   Mrs Naylor- Teacher    Mrs Pepper- TA     Mrs Nittayawan-TA


Welcome to Year 2

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We are all really excited to begin the new term, to get to know the children and to have lots of learning fun at school.


Our Welcome Parent's meeting is on Monday 24th September @ 9am. Mrs Naylor will lead you straight from the playground into the classroom ready for the meeting. If you are unable to attend then all information will be passed on to your child to bring home. Come and speak to a member of staff if you need any further information.



Our Topic this term is:


The Circus Image result for circus clipart


We will have the pleasure of taking part in a circus workshop to begin our topic and to get us into the role of the circus characters. Throughout the term, we will be learning about the history of the circus, creating music from the circus, identifying primary and secondary colours and investigating the work of Kandinsky.


We'll post photographs to show all of the adventures we get up to,

so do keep popping back to take a look.




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Let's get started with our Autumn Term!