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Year 1 - Miss C Daley

Welcome to Year 1


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The children have settled brilliantly into their new class and have thoroughly enjoyed all of our activities during the last half term. They were particularly excited to take part in; Dance, learning how to tie-dye and paint using primary and secondary colours.

Thank you to everyone who chose to order their Christmas cards, the children really enjoyed creating their snowmen!


Our Topic this term is:

Polar Adventures



We love this topic. The children will have the opportunity to explore globes and map books to locate the North and South Pole (Arctic and Antarctic). They'll try to imagine what it's like there and work in teams to discover how you would travel to and around these places? We'll be asking and answering questions such as -

What equipment will we need?

Has anyone tried to explore these places in the past?


We'll find out about the brave explorers like Ernest Shackleton and Captain Scott and re-enact some of their adventures. Will they make it first time or will they need to be resilient and reflective?


If you have any exciting facts you'd like to share with us, we'd love to hear them.





This term the children will also be preparing and performing their Christmas Play so please watch out for any lines which you could help them rehearse.

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